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Five-day Tour of Round-island Excursion 5 days / 4 nights

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Destination : Chengqing Lake, Maobitou, Eluanbi Park, Kenting National Park
Chengqing (Crystal CleVar) Lake is the largest lake in Kaohsiung. It is also a valuable source of drinking water and a popular sightseeing destination. The best way to appreciate the lake's panoramic views is to climb the winding staircase to the top of the seven-story-high Zhongxing Pagoda. At 43 meters, the pagoda is the highest structure in the area. From the top, you can look out over islands and rowboats stretching out below. Behind the pagoda is the green expanse of a golf course.
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Day1    Chengqing Lake
Day2    Maobitou ->Eluanbi Park -> Kenting National Park
Day3    Amis Folk Center
Day4    Taroko National Park -> Changchun Temple Trail -> Swallow Grotto(Yanzikou) -> Tunnel of Nine Turns(Jiuqudong) -> Tianxiang
Day5    Puli -> Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple -> Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area -> Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village

Kending (Kenting) National Park is situated on Hengchun Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It features coral reef-type topography and offers the glories of both mountains and seas as well as the beauties of lakes and plains. The unique regional features here include coral reefs, solitary mountains, ponds, sand dunes, and tropical forests, and the area offers topographical scenery of many different types such as the broken-ridge coral topography near the west coast, the stiff winds of the east coast, wind-eroded formations, limestone platforms on the south coast, collapsed cliffs, and sandy beaches.

Taroko National Park: This park is best known for its awesome marble-walled gorge as well as its majestic mountain scenery, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallows' Grottos, Tunnel of Nine Turns, and other incomparable sights. The park's spectacular geologic features also encompass such spectacles as the Baiyang Waterfall just above the gorge, and the precipitous Quingshui Cliffs just below it.

Puli, situated in the northern part of Nantou County, is home to the geographic center of Taiwan. This town is rich in local tradition and is known for its sweet springs, delicious wine and distilled spirits, fresh flowers, and beautiful women. It is also a treasure house for archaeologists, who have discovered here relics of the Shuiwaku Culture which flourished 2,400 to 3,600 years ago and the Damalin Culture of 1,700 to 2,370 years ago. Remains of buildings, pottery, and stone implements have been found, preserving the precious cultural contents of primitive villages. You might also look into the ancient trails that provided communication with the outside.

The Sao Tribe that lives on the shores of Sun Moon Lake is the smallest of Taiwan's 14 indigenous tribes, with fewer than 300 members. The main tourist area at the lake is Sun Moon Village, which is full of hotels, restaurants, curio shops--and tourists. In the indigenous settlement at Dehua Village, the Zhulu Market is crowded with shops offering curios and Sao cuisines. The "Sao Culture Village" is a nearby building that mounts native song and dance performances. If you are here at the time of the traditional harvest festival in the eighth lunar month, you will be invited to participate personally in the activities and gain a first-hand experience Sao culture. Other attractions around the lake include Xuanguang Temple, Xuanzang Temple, and Wenwu Temple, all of which have a strong appeal for tourists.

If you want to understand how all of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan live, you should go to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, which is not far from Sun Moon Lake. This facility has three major sections: European palace-style gardens, an amusement park, and indigenous villages. In the indigenous villages you will find the traditional houses and other buildings of Taiwan's 14 tribes of original inhabitants--namely the Amis, the Atayal, the Paiwan, the Bunun, the Puyuma, the Rukai, the Zou, the Saisiyat, the Yami,(Tawu) the Sao, the Kavalan, the Truku, the Sakizaya and the Sediq. The shaded walk through these villages stretches for a total of 1,865 meters. There is also a Naruwan theater where you can enjoy indigenous singing and dancing, and a small separate theater that features the stone-and-pestle music as well as the rituals of the tiny Sao tribe. You can also try some of the tribe peoples' traditional delicacies.
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