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Three-day Culinary Tour of Kaohsiung 3 days / 2 nights

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Destination : Chengqing Lake, Meinong, Liuhe Tourist Night Market, Agongdian Reservoir, Tianliao Moon World
Kaohsiung is a relatively new, immigrant type of metropolis, most of whose residents have moved in from outside. The early immigrants from Tainan, Chiayi, Penghu, plus local products such as the seafood harvest of nearby seas and the game and agricultural products of neighboring counties and cities, have given Kaohsiung's culinary culture a diverse face. At the same time, Kaohsiung is a major international harbor where foreign dishes are also served, including Italian noodles, Indian curries, and Japanese food. Restaurants serving foreign food are everywhere, adding still more to the diversity of cuisine available here.
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Day1    Chengqing Lake -> Meinong -> Liuhe Tourist Night Market
Day2    Agongdian Reservoir -> Tianliao Moon World
Day3    Xizi Bay(Xiziwan) -> Shou Mountain

In addition to a great number of snack vendors, the Xinxing Night Market is also filled with clothing and footwear shops. You can eat here, and shop as well. Many of the vendors have been here for longer than 20 years, including Old Li's rib soup, the place selling goat meat with Sha-Cha sauce, and Beigang mushroom meat stew. It's all worth a try.

Night markets are not the only place to find Kaohsiung's famous snacks. Many fixed stores sell them as well, including Milk King and the one serving rice cakes which are known all over the island.

If you are partial to seafood, you might take a ferry to the old streets of Chichin to sample the seafood-based cuisine here. As soon as you get off the boat your eyes will be filled with an endless concatenation of seafood restaurants. The seafood restaurants here are congregated on Miaoqian Street and beside the Chichin Administration Center across from the Coastal Park. The bounty of the sea here is the freshest;, its variety is the richest; and its prices are among the lowest. There is no better place for enjoying a seafood feast than Chichin.
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