Jasmine’s Place Bar

Jasmine’s Place Kaohsiung is a bar and restaurant in the heart of Wufu 4th Road. The bar staff are extremely friendly and the place has a nice relaxed feel to it. The interior of the pub is quite interesting with hand graffiti on the walls and bank notes from all over the world stuck behind the bar over the liquor bottles.

The music is sort of soft rock, but includes everything from Queen, The Stones, and Pink Floyd.

Prices are standard for pubs in Kaohsiung at about NT$120 – $150 for a pint / half litre, but they do add 10% service to the bill.

They do supply small bowls of peanuts for free as part of the service.

Address: 13 Wufu 4th Rd, Yancheng, Kaohsiung Tel: (07) 551-6555

How to get there:

    * Take the Orange Line to Yangchengpu (O2)

    * Leave Via Exit 1 and turn right up Wufu 4th Road

    * Walk for about 4 minutes and Jasmine’s is on the right


    * Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung

    * Hotel Kingdom Kaohsiung

    * Judy Wu’s Pub

    * Stormy Weather Pub and Restaurant

    * The Love River

Extra Info:

Being situated in the heart of Wufu 4th Road and so close to the Love River, this is an excellent location to spend the day shopping, walking, cycling, or visiting museums or art galleries.

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