Brickyard Restaurant

Brickyard is a late night music venue, bar, restaurant and nightclub. They showcase local talent as well international DJs and live bands. On the weekends they stay pumping music until 7 am. The music is varied with Electro, Latin, and Hip-Hop being common themes.

Opening Times:

    * 7 pm – 2 am Sunday to Monday

    * 7 pm – 7 am Friday and Saturday

Entry Fee: Usually, but some nights there is no entrance fee.

Official Website: Brickyard Official Website

Address: 507 B1 Jhongshan 2nd Road, Kaohsiung City.  Tel: 07-215-0024

How to get to the Brickyard:

Metro / Underground:

    * Take the Red Line to Central Park (R9)

    * Take the Central Park Exit and walk South (towards Wufu Road), after 5 minutes, the Brickyard is on your right.

    * For the Brickyard map click here: Brickyard Map

Nearby Attractions:

    * Central Park

    * Wufu 4th Road

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