Vietnam Saigon Coffee

Vietnam Saigon Coffee is a lovely hideaway. They serve good quality coffee, delicious smoothies, juices, teas and lunch or dinner meals. You can order a meal and a selected drink for only NT$ 95.  Try their Hot Vietnamese Coffee for NT$65 or their Saigon Coffee Smoothie for NT$ 65. Therefore, for an extra NT$ 35 you can order a main meal. Their Chicken Curry with Vegetables, Tofu, Rice & Miso Soup is very tasty for a quick lunch.

Vietnam Saigon Coffee also serve Hotpots, Noodles, Rice Dishes or small snacks such as toast or sandwiches. You can also enjoy a Vietnamese Beer (NT$ 65), it is in a can but served with a glass and ice.  They have outdoor seating with fans on the ceiling to keep you cool. Service is friendly and the menu is in English.
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