Bridal Wear Street

Here you can find a whole shopping area full of bridal wear stores. Renowned for bridal wear dresses. Couples that are about to get married can also arrange to have their wedding pictures photographed in beautiful Kaohsiung scenery. Competition is fierce round this area so you will be able to find good prices.


    * Bridal outfits at good prices

    * Huge variety

    * Great shopping experience

Address: In front of Kaohsiung Main Station. On Jhongshan and Jhongjheng Roads.

How to get there:

Metro / Underground

    * Take the Orange Line – (O5) or the Red Line (R10) to Formosa Boulevard Station.


    * Central Park

    * Liouhe Tourist Night Market

    * Nanhua Tourist Night Market

    * New Jyrejiang Shopping Area

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