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Liouhe Tourist Night Market

Originally known as Daganpu Night Market, Liouhe Tourist Night Market is one of the earliest night markets and international tourist markets in southern Taiwan. First established in Daganpu area in 1940s, the night market was occupied by a number of food stalls, and was considered the most recognized market in Kaohsiung.

The area was reorganized by the Kaohsiung City Government since 1987, and a walkway was set from 18:00-02:00 each day solely for pedestrians and food stalls, Liouhe Night Market has gained more of its fame since then.

Today, Liouhe Night Market covers areas from Zhongshan Road to Zili Road in Kaohsiung City, and is only a minute walk from the KRT Formosa Boulevard Station making it a convenient stop for both local and international travelers. There are more than 170 stalls of all types, including Taiwan snacks, fashionable clothing, accessories, folklore games and many more. Wang’s Tofu Pudding, Zheng’s Papaya Milk, Kao Ruo Zhi Jia (BBQ House), and a wide array of fresh seafood dishes are always something that travelers look for when they come to Liouhe Night Market.

Among the many night markets in Taiwan, Liouhe Night Market has been elected as the winner for the most environmental, attracting, and fun night market in the 2010 Taiwan night market competition.

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