Shoe Street

Dalian Shoe Street is famous for two things. Firstly, it is a major shoe wholesale district with many shoe stores to choose from. Prices are very reasonable and it’s easy to buy in bulk. Secondly, DaLian Shoe Street is know for it’s specialised cobblers. If you require shoes with with special requirements such as size or shape then this is the best location in Kaohsiung to have them tailored.  Along with tailoring footwear, this is also the place to come for shoe repairs.

There are many shoe stores with lots of different designs. As well as regular shoes, you can find sandals, kids shoes, orthopedic shoes, sportswear, workman shoes, school shoes, fashion shoes. You can find good bargains. The quality of the shoes in Shoe Street is extremely high and match those in department stores.

Address: Dalian Street, Sanmin District (nearest metro is Houyi Station)

How to get there

Metro / Underground

    * Take the Red line and get off at Houyi Station (R12)

    * Leave via exit 2 and walk down Suiyuan 1st Road

    * The 3rd road on your right and left is Dalian Street

Total walk time 2 minutes (500 metres)


    * Anning Street – Wholesale fashion and clothing district

    * Hakka Cultural Museum

    * Changming Clothing Street

    * Sanmin Park

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