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Xingzhong Tourists' Night Market

Xingzhong Night Market is nestled in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, immediately neighboring Sanduo Avenue Commercial Zone.

Although the "Xingzhong Night Market" might not look as flourishing as it was before, you will definitely appreciate the renowned gourmet cuisine accumulated in thirty or forty years. In the eyes of the local inhabitants, the fame of “Xingzhong Night Market" has never been on the wane. With good planning, it will become one of the characteristic night markets in the near future.

You will not be considered to visit Kaohsiung if you miss out Liuhe Night Market. As early as in 1950, more and more stalls came to stationed in Dagangpu of Xinxing District in Kaohsiung, finally forming the well-known "Dagangpu Night Market". The night market is developed into large-scale, known as Liuhe Night Market. The Night Market is not far away if you walk from Kaohsiung Railway Station along the Zhongshan Road straightforward, which takes only ten minutes more, and then turn right to Liuhe Road. In daytime, the market is a straight road, and turns into prosperous market area in nighttime. There are 138 stalls in Liuhe Night Market, most of them serve snacks and provide entertainment and games for recreation, the garments/apparels and groceries are rarely seen in the market. In particular, the dozens of steak houses boom around the market offering beef steak at reasonable price or family-size package meal. No matter what you like to have, a variety of delicious food, specialties, cold drinks, ices and seafood here are offered for your choice. Just remind you, don't miss the opportunity to taste the papaya milk and steamed salty shrimps in Kaohsiung.
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